Online Credit Reporting


The Equity Mortgage “Credit Compass” is a tool designed to give you direction when navigating the world of credit worthiness. In today’s lending environment the credit score has become one the most important factors in determining your available rate and loan amount. Often times, one point in your credit score could make the difference between being approved or declined for a loan. Credit Compass provides you with a customized step by step process that could point your credit score in the right direction if followed correctly. There is no need to feel lost any longer when trying to improve your credit worthiness… order Credit Compass today!


STEP 1: Enter your basic information.
STEP 2: At this secure site, you will be asked for your credit card information. Note: if you are married but have different last names you must enter individually. Your cost is $22.84 for an individual and $40.68 for a joint report. A receipt will be sent immediately to your email.
STEP 3: Enter submit and print your analysis results. Call 800-332-9221 for a copy of your report and free consultation.

Congratulations!! You are now on
your way to higher scores and lower payments.