Getting Ready for Your Home Appraisal

Home appraisal – a necessary event when it comes to selling or refinancing your home. Have a realistic attitude about what your home is actually worth. Compare your home to others that have sold in your neighborhood.

The appraiser will need approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the inspection phase of the appraisal process, which includes: exterior photos of the front and rear of the home and a photo of the street in front of the property; measurements of the exterior of the home, garage and any outbuildings; a walk-through inspection of all rooms and levels of the interior of the home including the basement.

Get organized

Here a quick checklist that will help you get ready for your appraisal and get the results you’re looking for:

  • Be flexible when scheduling the appointment – exterior shots require daylight.
  • A copy of the blueprints or survey would help in verifying measurements and lot size.
  • Provide a list of improvements made to the property since the purchase with costs, i.e. a pool, patio, updated kitchen or bathroom, room additions, etc.
  • Access to the property, including access to any crawl space or attic areas is important.
  • A clean home makes a good impression – trim the lawn, clean the pool and garage, repair cracked windows or torn screens, check for leaky faucets and secure gutters and down spouts.
  • Point out any amenities that may not be obvious to the appraiser: sprinkler systems, patios, pools, security systems, built in vacuum, etc.
  • Provide a copy of last year’s tax assessment information.
  • Know what year the house was built and when improvements were made.
  • A list of recent sales of similar properties in the immediate neighborhood would be helpful – the first thing appraisers look for is comparables.
  • Contact one of our senior loan officers today for further details about your home appraisal.